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 ​9:30 am  | Sunday Meditation 

10:00 am | Sunday Service 

 7:00 pm  | Wednesday Service​​

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​Dr. Carol Batt, RScP

​Carol found New Thought in southern California in 2006.  She took all her prerequisite classes there and moved back home to Washington in 2009, where she studied for practitioner licensing, completing those studies in 2012.  Carol has been a practitioner of Truth at Genesis since then, also serving on the welcome team, the education team and teaching classes.  Teaching is her chosen vocation and avocation and she is fiercely committed to helping others discover their own unique value, beauty and perfection; as well as the Truth from New Thought and Ancient Wisdom that speaks to each of us individually.  “We are here to LOVE!”

Bios of Practitioners A to I

Burney H. Campbell, RScP​

​Burney has a passion for spiritual development and a deep love and appreciation for Genesis. He has taken every class offered; some two and three times. He has served on the Co-Creation Team and Search Committee, Hospitality Team, Welcome Team, Sound Board, House Keeping and as Parking Greeter. Burney is part of the dynamic Wednesday Night Service team. He creates his own unique service the third Wednesday of every month from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Burney is currently attending The School of Spiritual Leadership CSL Sandpoint to become a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living. Please contact Burney at or (206) 850-7926 regarding his ministry.

Diane Dyer, Practitioner Emeritus

Diane received her license as a Religious Science Practitioner in 1998 while at Agape International Spiritual Center. In 2004 she completed a B.A. with Agape Institute in Spiritual Studies and soon after moved back to her beloved Northwest. In 2006 she became certified as a Funeral Celebrant under In-Sight Institute. Diane’s personal ministry is deeply connected to end-of-life support. She currently serves as Spiritual Counselor for a non-profit she co-founded called Animal Hospice, End-of-Life, and Palliative Care Project (AHELP), providing both education and comfort for those who are grieving over the transition of an animal companion, or caregiving one that is elderly or ill. She is the mom to two daughters, happily, both living close by, and is blessed to be the pet mom to two wonderful kitties. She considers serving the Genesis community as a joy and a powerful blessing in her life. Please contact Diane at or (206) 437-2991 regarding her ministry.

Bill Every, RScP

​Life is Love, and with that, every experience in life gives one an opportunity for Good and Growth! This belief is what brought Bill Every to New Thought and Genesis Global Spiritual Center. Within a few weeks of attending Genesis, Bill answered the call to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. He strongly believes in the Power of Prayer and the Power of Positive Thoughts! Bill believes that practitioner sessions allow one to dive deep, reveal insights, and bring about change in one’s life. Bill comes to this stage in his life with over 30 years in the field of public education, 30 years in commercial fishing, and 16 plus years in the hearing healthcare field. Bill is happy to see individuals in person or by telephone. Please contact Bill at or (360) 509-2882 regarding his ministry.

West Cleland, RScP

​West Cleland grew up near Beach Drive in West Seattle attending a Unitarian Church before later joining Seattle Unity. There he worked in the bookstore, greeted, set up for classes and became President of Seattle Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity). Jessica came into his life in 2006 and they took "Beyond Limits" at CSL Seattle, while teaching Sunday School for the "Tweens." West & Jessica married in 2008 and "came home" to Genesis in 2013. They were amazed by the loving, family-like atmosphere. They immediately delved into classes every quarter until they became Licensed Practitioners in 2016. West & Jessica have led the Welcome Team for three years while performing with The Genesis Ministry of Song. West is currently training to be a Leader Champion and is excited about the future of our thriving & abundant community! Please contact West for a private prayer session at (425) 736-4130 or e-mail him at​

Susan Hall, Practitioner Ermitus
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Susan is a tigress for excellence and transformation. Dedicated to living authentically, Susan uses spiritual principal and innate wisdom to open doors to increased self- awareness, fulfillment, prosperity and joy. A Practitioner of Truth for over 20 years, Susan creates and leads workshops, teaches classes on spiritual principal, and works with clients individually to dissolve illusion and reveal ones inherent wholeness. Susan was on the founding team that brought forth the vision & creation of Genesis Global Spiritual Center in December 2007. She continues her support and dedication to Genesis in many ways, aligning with the Genesis Purpose Statement, that we “…exist to create a community of unconditional love in which the natural joy, beauty and perfection of life is revealed.” Please contact Susan at or (360) 561-2037 regarding her ministry.​

​Kim Boyden, RScP

Kim has been a dedicated student, teacher and practitioner of Science Of Mind for over 30 years. She became a Licensed Practitioner in 2014. She is fiercely committed to guiding and assisting her clients into living their highest good, coming alive to their greatness and how to live a conscious, authentic life with purpose, following the principles of Science Of Mind. Kim brings to her Practitioner practice her professional qualifications as a heart -centered advocate for helping people live a healthy, vibrant and spirit-filled life, that include over 3 decades of working with clients in the healing or therapeutic field and 10 years running a successful private practice as a life coach. She is here to love. Please contact Kim at or (206) 355-5640 regarding her ministry.