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A Good Place to Feed Your Soul


To experience a Genesis’ Sunday Celebration Service is to experience inspiration itself.

​As soon as you walk through the doors you can feel the love and welcome that is the very heart of our community.


The music of Genesis will have your soul dancing in celebration. Rev. Gayle's talks are relevant, transformational and potent. Come find out how much healing and love can be expressed in an hour and a half on a Sunday morning!.

​9:30 AM Meditation  |  10:00 am Service

November: Spiritual Living through Financial Health and Prosperity

We express order and balance in our finances and experience optimal financial well-being. Through the richness of our teaching and its application, we value the principle of abundance and its expression as prosperity as a means to provide resources to empower our personal and collective vision.

          11/05: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay Rev. Gayle Dillon
          11/12: Think & Grow Rich Rev. Gayle Dillon
          11/19: The Soul of Money Rev. Gayle Dillon
          11/26: Money is God in Action Rev. Gayle Dillon

Book of the Month:

Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay  ​by Jim Rosemergy

2017 Values Based Spiritual Living
The Year of Living Generously: Put Your Values Where Your Life Is

‪“We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices, and values.”  

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 ​9:30 am  | Sunday Meditation 

10:00 am | Sunday Service 

 7:00 pm  | Wednesday Service​​

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